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The easiest and most effective way for hospitality businesses to achieve the quality, consistency and efficiency of your products and services. 

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Say goodbye to the old school paper based Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manuals that are poorly written, never used and out of date. 

Ask Manual is your interactive, online procedures and training portal, dedicated to the hospitality industry. Now you can provide your team with 24/7 access to your up to date business standards and procedures. 

Save time, money and effort by using our library of editable policies, procedures, work instructions and forms, all you need to do is download them, edit them and share them.  

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Define your standards 

Write, edit and update your standards and procedures in an instant. 

Link your checklists, procedures and files

Provide an easy pathway for your employees to follow and access the relevant information they need to get the job done. 

Make your procedures engaging 

Engage your team by using  images, video and PDF and standard Microsoft files. 

Train faster and get better results

Increase the consistency and speed of training for your current and new employees so they understand their role and how to meet your standards. 

Update your procedures in an instant  

Update your policies and procedures using your iPad or PC tablet; press update and your documents are live for your team to view.  It is as easy as that. 

Give your team 24/7 access 

Using an Ipad, tablet or smart phone, employees can access the procedures they need when they need them. 

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Working with industry professionals we have curated a library of editable resources that you can use:  

  • Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Functions and Events
  • Kitchen 
  • Human Resources 
  • Operations 
  • Health & Safety
Features - library of resources


What you can do 

Customise your policy and procedures portal 

  • Create a unique URL to restrict access to your portal
  • Save time and effort by using our editable library of resources 
  • Create your own document categories to target key roles / department
  • Create unlimited files including policies, procedures and work instructions
  •  Add and remove your employees as required

Edit your docs online so employees can only see the latest vesion

  • Create unlimited files including policies, procedures and work instructions. 
  •  Tag your files for easy searching
  • Edit your documents any time with any device
Features - edit docs

Add rich media to increase the impact to your team 

  • Add your own media including PDF, DOC and Excel sheets
  • Embed videos from Vimeo or Youtube
  • Embed photo images straight for your own device
  • 24/7 access for your teams to view the documents and files
  • Receive feedback and suggestions from your team to help update your document
Fatures - rich media

Enage your teams with relevant content 

  • Link your documents to key departments
  • Use your libray of policies and procedures to train your employees 
  • Recieve comments and feedback through the platform from your team to help keep your procedures relevant and up to date
Features - engage team

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What they say


Cafe Owner 

Thanks Ask Manual, at last I can focus on managing my business, and not having to worry about my team doing their job properly.  Best of all it even works when I am not there. 


Restaurant Manager

By using Ask Manual we have been able to reduce the amount of time we take to train our new employees by almost half.  For an industry with high turnover that is super important. 


Choose the option that suits your needs 

Pricing can be broken down into 2 sections

  1. Activate the platform (one off fee) 
  2. Hosting (ongoing monthly fee) 

Activate the platform


We provide the portal, our library of resources and one of our industry experienced consultants to work with your team to help write and edit the procedures, forms and training content 




All platforms will incur a hosting fee of $30 + GST per month


See the most asked questions

is the site secure?

Yes!!  To ensure the security of your data, each client has a unique URL that connects to a standalone platform. Each platform is stored on a secure server, which ensures your data is safe. Access to each clients platform is via password, so this means that only your team have access.

Can I upload my own policies and procedures?

Yes, of course, you can add as many policies and procedures as you need. 

What happens to my online documents if I choose to cancel my membership? 

Once you add documents onto your platform, they belong to you. If you choose to cancel your membership you free to print PDF copies of each of your policies and procedures.

Can i print copies of the online files? 

Yes, you can print each policy and procedure from your platfrom.  

Can I just buy procedures for my own use on another platform?  

No, the procedures from our library are to be used exclusively on the Ask Manual platform.  

Can you help me write policies and procedures? 

Yes, of course, we can support you to write your own procedures or edit the procedures form our library to suit your business.  Just get in touch.  

Can WE upload personal and sensative information onto the platform? 

Although the platform is secure, we recommend that you do not record or upload any sensitive and personal information or business-sensitive data on the platform.

are the documents WH&S compliant?

Disclaimer - Please note that although great care and attention has been taken to make these policies, procedures, work instructions and forms accurate.  It is the responsibility of the client to ensure they are correct and meet the relevant rules and regulations before using them.


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