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We have worked with industry professionals to create a range of editable policies, procedures, work instructions and forms.  You can use them as they are or edit them to meet your business needs.  

Our policies, procedures and work instructions

Click on each of the tabs below to view the list of editable policies and procedures available in the library.   

Our forms 

Click on each of the tabs below to learn more about the editable forms available in the library.   

Disclaimer – Please note that although great care and attention has been taken to make these policies, procedures, work instructions and forms accurate. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure they are correct and meet the relevant rules and regulations before using them.

Making procedures work

Sample procedures

All Policies, Procedures and Work  instructions have been created using specific templates to ensure that they are easy to follow, easy to use and easy to edit through the online platform  

Click on the following  images to view a sample Work Instruction. 

SOP Sample #1SOP Sample #

Procedure design and functionality  

There are two key challenges that employees must deal with when reading and following procedures 

 Challenge 1 – Finding the right content quickly

Issue – This is often due to the volume and accessibility of available documents, as well as the length and complexity of each article.   

Solution – To overcome this we have created 3 main online templates. 

Policy Templates – A document that guides the day-to-day actions and strategies, of the business, these are influenced by local laws and regulations.

Procedure Templates – A document that identifies a range of tasks that need to be done in order to complete specific jobs.

Work Instruction Templates – A document that describes the correct way to perform certain tasks, these often include very specific instructions on how to use the equipment.

Using the Ask Manual platform’s search features and category libraries, employees can easily find the documents they are looking for.

Each procedure and work instruction are made using a simple interactive checklist format, that enables the employee to either follow the main steps or read more detail on each step as required.

For more complex tasks, the use of specialised equipment, watch videos or to download forms, the employee can click on the relevant URL links.

Sample Policy

Ask Manual - sample policy image

Sample Procedure

Ask Manual - sample procedure image

Sample Work instruction

Ask Manual - Sample Work Instruction image

Challenge 2 – Interpreting and following the information 

Issue – Poorly written procedures are often too long, difficult to read, often out of date and even harder to follow. This mean that employees are reluctant or just won’t to use them.

Solution – Ask Manual is an online platform, which means we can embed rich media like photos and video.  This will enable managers to make each document more engaging and relevant to employees. 

  • Add images to show what the end products should look like
  • Add videos as training resoures to help demonstrate how tasks are done  
  •  Use downloadable files or links to online forms to important capture data.  

Sample page 

Ask Manual - sample Induction page